Fire Suppression FM-200

FM200 is the preferred fire suppression system for facilities that can't afford fire related business interruption. It is non-toxic on people.

The FM200 extinguishing agent is typically stored in cylinders. It is delivered to nozzles through a system piping network. Smoke detectors sense the presence of fire in the protected facility. The detection and control panel then sounds an alarm, shuts down air handlers, disconnects power from the protected equipment, and then releases agent into the protected area.

Kidde ECS Series
Kidde ADS Series

FM-200 Application

• Telecommunication Facilities 
• Computer Operations 
• Control Rooms 
• Compressors and Pump Stations
• UPS Facilities
• Medical NMRI and CT Scan Facilities
• Shipboard (Marine) Systems 
• Rare Book Libraries 
• Military Vehicles
• Airplane lavatories
• Paint Mixing Rooms
• Hazardous Manufacturing Areas
• Textile Plants
• Offshore Drilling Rigs
• Universities and Museums 
• Art Galleries and Historical Collections
• Record & Storage Facilities 
• Petrochemical Installations 
• Pharmaceutical & Medical Facilities 
• Electronics & Data Processing Equipment 
• Telephone Switches
• Facilities where water damage must be avoided at all costs

Active Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection